Q: Does the price include delivery?

A: No. We charge a small delivery fee to Toledo and charge accordingly to surrounding cities. Remember prices do not include sales tax.

Q: Do you deliver to other cities?

A: Yes. We deliver to neighboring cities. Due to weekends being extremely busy, we may not be able to deliver to locations farther out. Weekdays are less busy and typically allow us to deliver to locations farther out. Please refer to the "Service Area" tab on our home page for a list of servicable cities and fees or call our office for a quote.

Q: How long do I get the Inflatable for?

A: All of our rentals are priced for up to 4 hours. The price remains the same whether you need the inflatable for 1,2,3 or 4 hours. We have a certain percentage of each rental that goes towards expenses (insurance, inspections, licensing fees, fuel, labor, cleaning costs, etc.) It costs us the same percentage of each rental whether the rental time is 2 or 4 hours, therefore no discounts are given for rental periods less than 4 hours. Additional time can also be purchased if needed.

Q: Does the standard 4 hour rental time include your set up time?

A: No. We arrive early to set up so you get the entire rental time to play.

Q: What happens if rain, thunderstorms or high winds are in the forecast?

A: In the event that rain, thunderstorms or high winds are present or in the forecast on your event day, we will call you on the evening before or morning of your event to discuss options. If we feel as though the participants will not be safe, we WILL cancel the rental. Safety is our absolute FIRST priority! If we feel as though the participants will be safe, we will let you make the call. If you or Glass City Moonwalk Rentals decide to cancel the rental due to severe or possible severe weather conditions, you will receive a full refund of deposit, or have the option to reschedule. Please keep in mind that if you decide to continue with the rental, there will be NO REFUNDS given if you are unable to use the equipment due to severe weather conditions. 

Q: When do you set up?

A: That depends on how many rentals we have that day. Generally we arrive 1-3 hours before the rental time begins. If we have a lot of rentals that day, we may need to set up as early as 4 hours or more in advance, or possibly the evening before. If this is the case, we will call on the day before to confirm that someone will be at the party location.

Q: We´ve rented some really dirty jumps from other companies in the past. Are they always that dirty?

A: No. The jump should be clean when you get it. Glass City Moonwalk Rentals cleans and disinfects after every rental. 

Q: What type of power is required for an inflatable?

A: The inflatable should be within 100ft. of a 110v outlet. We will supply the power cord, but we do ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet being used. Some of our larger inflatables may require multiple outlets on separate circuits. The use of a generator is usually required for any public or large event, or any area where an electrical outlet is not within 100'. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the power requirements for your inflatable.

Q: Do we have to keep it plugged in the entire time?

A: Yes. A blower keeps air in the inflatable the entire time. Once unplugged they deflate. That´s why we require an outlet within 100' of the inflatable or the use of a generator. Longer or small gauge cords can pop your circuit breaker so we bring our own heavy duty cords.

Q: What about parks? Do parks have electricity?

A: If you want to set up at a park, you must rent a generator. We rent generators at a resonable cost. Also, parks are first come, first serve so get your spot early in the day. Also, be sure to ask if: A) the park allows inflatables?, and B) if so, do they require a permit? Glass City Moonwalk Rentals does not pull or pay for permits. That part is on you. NOTE: City and State parks in Ohio do NOT allow inflatables to be installed. We also cannot offer time sensitive deliveries or pick ups. If your event is at a park, we still may need to set up a few hours early and/or pick up a few hours late. You would need to be there for set up and stay until we arrive for pick up. 

Q: What payments do you take?

A: Cash or Credit Cards. We REQUIRE a credit card on file to rent. Deposits MUST be made by credit card. If paying your balance by cash, please have exact change as our drivers do not carry cash. Any remaining balance that will be paid by credit card must be done 3 days prior to the event date. We do NOT accept credit as a form of payment at set up. *NOTE* We do accept checks from Schools / Parents' Clubs / Church Organizations, etc. However, the check cannot be from a member. It must be in the name of the organization and must clear 7 days or more prior to the event date. If you have any questions regarding our check policy, please call our office at 419-392-9513 or email us at: info@glasscitymoonwalkrentals.com.

Q: What if we need to cancel?

A: You may cancel your reservation at anytime, however, a refund of deposit is ONLY granted due to weather cancellations on the morning of your event. Any other type of cancellation will result in the forfeiture of deposit.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes. All orders under $499.99 require a $50.00 Credit Card deposit. For orders over $500.00, a deposit of 50% is due to reserve. We do NOT rent or make reservations without a credit card on file.

Q: How big are the jumps?

A: Our jumps vary in size. Please note the space required for each jump (listed near the large picture) as some are VERY big and require extra space. When in doubt, measure your space to make sure it will fit. Jumps need room to be staked and they need room for the blower and can´t rub against walls or trees as this may damage the jump.  The sizes listed with each jump include the space needed for stakes etc. If you have stairs or a tiered backyard, please call our office to discuss options for setup.

Q: What about the big jumps? Any special requirements?

A: Check the requirements listed with each jump. Also, make sure you have at least a 4´ access to the area where it will be set up. The jumps can weigh up to 800 pounds so we need a clear path with ample room.

Q: What surfaces do you set up on?

A: We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), asphalt, concrete and indoors. Sorry, we can´t set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps. We also do not set up on dirt or sand. *NOTE* For any set up that is not on grass (or not stakable), there will be a $50.00 anchoring fee added per inflatable.

Q: Can we see a copy of your contract and safety rules?

A: Yes. There is a link in your receipt once you've ordered or you may contact our office.

Q: Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?

A: Yes and no.  You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units.  Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time.  If this happens please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation.  If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. not turning off the blower in high winds) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc which can cost thousands of dollars.  We don´t want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Of course! We will be glad to e-mail you a copy of our insurance information upon request. If you require a paper copy, please notify us within 3 days prior to your event. We will provide you with it at set up.

Q: Are your inflatables inspected? 

A: Yes. All of our inflatables are inspected yearly by the Ohio Department of Agriculture - Amusement Ride Safety Division. This is a requirement by the state of Ohio.

Q: What do I need to do at the time of set up?

A: We will need you (the renter) or the home owner to greet us and show us where you would like the unit set up. If the renter or home owner are not present, we will not set up. We will also need to see the renters valid ID and go over the opertaing & safety instructions. This usually only takes 10-15 minutes. Lastly, we will need a clear path from the street or driveway to the set up location. Our team members can be more efficient without vehicles and other obstacles in the path to the set up area.

Q:  Are there any special instructions if I am hosting an event at a family member or friends home?

A: Yes. Please let us know if you plan to host your event somewhere other than your home. It is our policy to have the reservation in the name of the renter AND home owner on our rental agreement.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the arrival of the inflatable equipment?

A: We need to ensure a clean flat surface (no rocks, sticks, pet droppings, etc) and we need you to mark any underground utilities (sprinklers, cable, power or gas lines) that you or contractors may have installed. If you are unsure of underground lines, you may contact OUPS in Ohio by calling 811. OUPS will come out and mark any utility lines installed by the utility companies (Edison, Gas, Cable, etc). These lines must be marked before we will install. We recommend calling 1-2 weeks before the event date. If the event will be in Michigan the service is called MISSDIG, the number is 1-800-482-7161. OUPS and MISSDIG will only mark main utility lines for water, gas and electricity. Any utility lines installed by you, previous homeowners or contractors will not be marked by OUPS or MISSDIG. You, (homeowner) are required to make us aware of any utility lines that we may come into contact with. We are not responsible for damage done when setting up or taking down equipment on your property involving utilities/utility related equipment.

Q: Do you have any inflatables that can be used with water?

A: Yes, we currently have several units that can be used with water if ordered as such. NOTE: If reserved for dry use only, it must be used dry. For dry-use units that are picked up wet, a $100.00 drying fee will be charged. Drying fees do not apply if the water is caused by rain.

Q: What is your policy on power/electricity?

A: It is the renter's responsibility to provide us with an adequate power source. All of our blowers plug into a standard 110v outlet. If there are no outdoor receptacles available, it is best for us to plug-in to kitchen or laundry room outlets. Even though most receptacles have 2 outlets, we can only plug in 1 blower and nothing else can be plugged into the other side. For rentals that require multiple blowers, it is not unusual for us to have to run extension cords to different locations. **NOTE** The maximum amount of extension cord that can be ran from the blower to the power source is 100'. You are not required to provide us with an extension cord. We bring our own heavy duty cords. If, at your location, it is determined that a generator is needed, we will need to know this at least one day in advance. If our team is setting up and it is determined at that time that a generator is needed, we will do our best to get a generator to the location, but it is not guaranteed. We are on a tight schedule and do not carry spare generators on the truck. The full amount of the generator rental fee will need to be satisfied to our driver in cash before we will attempt to get one to your location.

Q: Is an attendant included with my reservation?

A: No. We are a delivery and pick up service. The pricing includes the equipment only. If you need an attendant for your equipment, we may be able to provide you with one or more pending availability. The fee for this is $25.00 hourly per attandant.

Q: Can I call during my rental period to request additional hours?

A: Unfortunately not. Just like our delivery schedule, we also have a pick up schedule that we must stick to. To purchase additional time, the request must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Q: Is it ok to have my dog(s) out during set up and pick up?

A: We LOVE animals!! If your pet is friendly, we will pet and play with him. However, if your pet is not friendly or will run away through an open gate, please leave them inside until we've left. It is also important that pets do not walk on or urinate on the inflatable. Nails and urine can cause damage that you would be responsible for. 

Q: Can we keep the equipment overnight?

A: Unfortunately, our insurance does not permit overnight rentals. 

Q: What is your policy regarding time sensitive rentals?

A: Due to our busy delivery and pick up schedules on weekends, we are not able to accommodate time sensitive rentals. If your party is at a church, school, business, etc., we will try to deliver and pick up as close to the scheduled times as possible, however, there are no guarantees. There is still a possibility that we may need to set up 1-3 hours before your scheduled start time and/or pick up 1-3 hours after your end time. The renter MUST stay with the equipment after set up and until pick up.

Q: Do you offer same day rentals?

A: Our trucks are loaded the evening before, leave around 6:00-7:00am each morning and do not return until 10:00-11:00pm. Therefore, we are not able to accommodate same day rentals. 

Still have a question? Call Glass City Moonwalk Rentals at 419-392-9513


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