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Thank you for considering Glass City Moonwalk Rentals & Riz Pack Entertainment as an entertainment source for your event. We are huge supporters of community & fundraising events. Each of our staff members cares deeply about each and every cause/event donation request. 

Obviously, our product is in high demand and we try to help out with as many donation requests as possible. Please remember that by following our donation guideline method, you are not guaranteed a donation. The request will be processed by our public relations team and reservation staff to determine if we can accomodate your request.


Donations are an important part of Glass City Moonwalk Rentals' Riz Pack Entertainment's community involvement.

1. All donation requests must be received at least 60 days prior to the requested event date. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Although, we will try to accomodate your needs, we do have limitations. If a donation is granted, we will make the final determination as to which type of donation you will receive.

3. To be fair to all, we will only donate one time per year to any one organization.

4. Your tax exempt certificate number (501(c)3) must accompany your request.

5. We reserve the right to cancel any donation due to poor or unsafe weather conditions.

6. You are required to have one attendant (18 years or older) per inflatable device. We are not able to provide attendants for inflatable devices. Inflatable devices are considered amusement rides by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. We have very strict guidelines to follow involving safety and the proper use of inflatable devices. If it is determined that a responsible adult (18 years or older) is not properly supervising the inflatable device, we will cancel or shut down the use of equipment immediately.

7. A valid credit card must be on file in order for us to fulfill a donation obligation. The card will not be charged unless it is determined by Glass City Moonwalk Rentals that a $75.00 cleaning fee will be imposed or repair costs for damage are needed at the end of the donation time.

*NOTE* Due to rising costs of fuel, insurance, inspections and all other overhead costs, if it is determined that a donation cannot be made, we may offer you the equipment at a discounted rate. This will be your decision as to accept or decline the offer.

If you wish to submit a donation request, please copy and paste the info below with the appropriate answers. E-mail it to info@glasscitymoonwalkrentals.com. Once we receive the donation request, a determination will be made within 3 business days. You will be notified of approval or disapproval via e-mail.

Organization Name:

Organization Type:

Organization 501(c)3 or FEIN number:

Have we donated to your organization in the past?:

**Contact Info**

Contact Name:

Contact Mailing Address:

Contact Phone:

Contact E-Mail:

**Event Details**

Event Name:

Event Date:

Event Start Time:

Event End Time:

Event Location:

Event Set Up Type: Grass _____ Concrete _____ Indoor _____ Field (Turf) _____ Other _____

What type of equipment are you requesting?:

**General Questions**

What other businesses are donating to your event?:

How many do you expect to be in attendance?:

How will Glass City Moonwalk Rentals be promoted?:

**Inflatable Requirements:**

-We cannot set up on rocks, stone or gravel. 

-For multiple inflatables or inflatables that require 2 blowers, we will need 2 seprate circuits (not outlets). Failure to provide adequite power supply will result in cancellation of donation. 

-If the inflatable is dirty at the time of pick up, the contact or event organizer will be charged a $75.00 cleaning fee.

-In the event of high winds, rain, thunderstorms, lightning, etc., the donation will be cancelled.





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